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Rahm Supports Obama's Call For $10 Minimum Wage



    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is on board with President Obama's call for a $10 federal minimum wage.

    The bill would incrementally raise the minimum wage to $10.10 over time.

    Emanuel released a statement Wednesday saying he "strongly supports" the measure.

    "As a member of Congress and the House Democratic leadership, I helped lead the fight for the last increase in the minimum wage in 2007. The time has come to update this important protection for working families across the county. American men and women work extremely hard every day to provide opportunity for their children, and it is essential that we create an environment in which they can support their families and achieve their dreams. Everyone has a right to be fairly compensated for their work and I encourage all elected officials to step forward and support the President in this effort." -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel

    The minimum wage now stands at $7.25 an hour, but some cities and states have higher minimums than that.

    A $10 an hour standard would be higher than any current state-wide minimum. Currently, Washington State's $9.19 minimum wage is the highest.