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Rahm Responds To Denim Shirt Ridicule



    Rahm Responds To Denim Shirt Ridicule

    Mayor tells fashion haters have "too much time on your hands." (Published Wednesday, May 14, 2014)

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired back Wednesday at the Twitter fashion police who criticized the denim shirt he wore to Sunday's Blackhawks game.

    Emanuel was at the game with his 15-year-old daughter when cameras captured the mayor wearing a faded long-sleeve collared denim shirt with a Hawks t-shirt underneath.

    The response on Twitter wasn't kind, with several people ridiculing his outfit.

    It appeared to hit a nerve, as the mayor appeared to get slightly emotional during his response at Wednesday's news conference.

    "I'm so happy that my daughter wants to be with her father, so if all you guys have to comment about me and what I wear ... you've got too much time on your hands," Emanuel said.

    The snarky comments included "1989 called, it wants its shirt back," and "does he have matching jorts?"