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Rahm Must Decide Quickly on Mayoral Run, Obama Says



    Rahm Must Decide Quickly on Mayoral Run, Obama Says
    Rumors Emerge That Rahm's Leaving: 03/07/2010 |
    Drama is causing quite a stir inside the Oval Office with some speculating the chief of staff is coming on too strong and might be his way out soon.

    If Rahm Emanuel decides to run for Chicago Mayor, he'll have to do it fast.

    That's what President Barack Obama said this morning on The Today Show during an interview with Matt Lauer.

    "He'll need to make his decision quickly," Obama said.

    So far Obama hasn't heard anything from Emanuel, and the president said he wouldn't issue any endorsement until he hears Emanuel's plans.

    For many tea-leaf readers, Rahm's decision is all-but-made. He's been polling likely voters, speaking with local political leaders and dropping hints about his desire like they were loose change. More evidence of his run can be found in the fact that other potential candidates don't want to discuss the pugnacious White House Chief of Staff.

    It makes sense that Obama would want Emanuel to decide quickly. With the Mid-term elections rapidly approaching, news of a staff shake-up could help the president on the campaign trail, especially the departure of a polarizing figure such as Emanuel.