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Rahm Habla Espanol



    Mayor Rahm Emanuel cut a Spanish-language ad with Rep. Luis Gutierrez, to promote a May 12 citizenship workshop at which the two politicians will appear. 

    Gutierrez, who was born in Puerto Rico, does most of the talking, but he allows Emanuel to utter a few token phrases: “Hola,” “Venga con nosotros,” and “Por favor, llegue temprano.” 

    The workshop will take place May 12 at Benito Juarez High School, 1450-1510 W. Cermak Ave. 

    Here’s the ad, followed by a full English translation:



    Gutiérrez: Hello, this is our friend, Rahm Emanuel. 

    Emanuel: Hello. 

    Gutiérrez: I invite you to participate in my citizenship workshop along with our special guest, the Mayor. 

    Emanuel: Join us. 

    Gutiérrez: If you qualify to become a citizen come to the citizenship workshop, Saturday May 12. 

    Emanuel: Please, arrive early. 

    Gutiérrez: We will assist the first 500 persons who get in line. 

    Emanuel: It is time! 

    Gutiérrez: Become a citizen! 

    Disappointingly, Emanuel does not swear in Spanish. 

    “Taping the PSA was fun,” Gutierrez said. “The Mayor is a natural and needed very little coaching on Spanish pronunciation.” 

    Gutierrez is probably glad he’s figured out a way to get in more words than the mayor. And also that the mayor is working with him after he endorsed Gery Chico in 2011.