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Rahm Gears Up For Letterman Interview



    Rahm to Appear on Letterman Show

    Mayor to discuss new documentary on Chiefs of Staff. (Published Monday, Sept. 9, 2013)

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel wasn't flying in a private jet when he headed to New York Monday for an appearance on the "Late Show With David Letterman."

    His press secretary tells NBC 5 he is flying commercial, and will only be there "a few hours."

    While he does "have a few private meetings" his staff says he's not meeting with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    The appearance is to promote a Discovery Channel documentary on the living White House Chiefs of Staffs that will air Sept. 11 and 12, which of course, current Democratic candidate for Illinois governor Bill Daley is also part of.

    While this may be the mayor's first time on the Letterman show, he's certainly been a topic of Letterman's jokes before.

    Emanuel made Letterman's Top Ten List in March 2010 with a "Top Ten Signs Rahm Emanuel is Nuts" sketch after reports surfaced he was lobbying a member of congress naked in the Capitol gym.

    So in honor of the mayor's appearance, we decided to list our own version:

    The Top 10 Things We've Learned About Mayor Rahm Emanuel

    1. The man knows how to drop it like it's hot.
    2. Known to hang with zombies.
    3. It's all about the kids, dammit!
    4. His ringtone could be "For the Love of Money"
    5. He doesn't mind putting in a good word for a job.
    6. His brothers wouldn't hesitate to kick your butt.
    7. He'd probably beat you in a race.
    8. He's not afraid to fight a girl.
    9. Believe it or not, the guy's got a softer side.
    10. Letterman's producers might want to keep the bleep button ready.