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Rahm Fundraises for Democrats with Pelosi

Mayor Emanuel enlists help of Pelosi in hopes to regain House



    Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not shy about asking for money.

    The notoriously aggressive politician made his chops as a fundraiser for Mayor Richard M. Daley, and later as the former Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 

    Legends abound: including one in which he would hang up on donors who offered too little.

    So it's no wonder that Democratic Congressional hopefuls are turning to Rahm for help.  

    Emanuel a held a fundraising party at Harry Caray's "for six congressional contenders that cost between $250 and $2,500 a person," enlisting the help of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. This will be the second time Pelosi has led a fundraising event at the restaurant in less than a month.

    Speaker of the House Pelosi is looking to reclaim her position if Democrats regain Majority on Tuesday.

    Pelosi had previously appointed Emanuel to serve as the Chairman of the DCCC, when he helped Democrats regain majority in the 2006 elections.