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Guess Who's Crushing On Rahm Emanuel



    Someone has a man-crush on Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

    Actor Mark Wahlberg, in town recently to promote his new film "Broken City," said he used the trip in part to visit the mayor and introduce him to director Allen Hughes.

    Here's the connection. Wahlberg produced the HBO show "Entourage" and Emanuel's Hollywood agent brother, Ari, is the inspiration for Jeremy Piven's character, Ari Gold.

    Wahlberg told the Chicago Sun-Times he loves everything about Chicago's mayor and the city should rest easy knowing he's in City Hall.

    Hughes also spoke highly of his first meeting with Emanuel, calling the mayor "sharp," "quick" and "funny."

    Wahlberg apparently isn't afraid to publicly express his love. During a Chicago screening of the new film, Wahlberg said that in a city that loves corruption, Chicagoans should thank God for the mayor.

    Not bad for a bromance. If only Wahlberg and Emanuel were an easier nickname match. Wahl-Rahm perhaps?