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Rahm Creates Obama Endorsement



    Rahm Creates Obama Endorsement

    Rahm Emanuel is pulling out the big guns for the stretch run.

    The White-House-Chief-of-Staff-turned-mayoral-candidate turned his White House send-off from earlier this year into a thinly veiled endorsement ad by President Obama.

    Obama hasn't officially endorsed Emanuel in the race, but it's tough to tell by the context of this advertisement.

    "We could not have accomplished what we’ve accomplished without Rahm’s leadership.
    His advice has always been candid, his opinions have always been insightful, his commitment to his job has always been heartfelt, borne of a passionate desire to move this country forward and lift up the lives of the middle class and people who are struggling to get there.
    We are all very excited for Rahm as he takes on a new challenge for which he is extraordinarily well qualified."

    Emanuel's spot has been running on the radio for weeks now, but the advertisement debuted Wednesday as an on-air venture.