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Quinn's Tax Plan Could Go to Vote Before Inauguration



    Quinn's Tax Plan Could Go to Vote Before Inauguration
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    Governor Pat Quinn has been talking for more than a year about implementing an income tax hike to help the state crawl out of its $15 billion budget hole.

    Most politicos, including Mayor Richard Daley, thought he was digging his own grave talking like that during voting season.

    But, the November election is over and Quinn survived. Now he's going to start pushing hard for that hike. 

    Look for a showdown on his proposal for an income tax hike vote during the final days of the lame duck session before his inauguration on January 10th.  

    Speaker of the House Mike Madigan told his troops late this week that he expects them to work right up to the inauguration.     

    Adding eight days in January is an unusual move. While the calendar will say 2011 the new legislative session won't take place until after the Quinn is sworn in on the 10th. So, state lawmakers will be squeezing in more work on January 3rd.

    Of course a number of those who are eligible to vote will include state lawmakers who were defeated on November 2nd.

    Political insiders say those eight legislative days before the 10th may just be the days the state legislature faces the music on what to do about the state's $15 billion deficit.  

    Quinn has asked for a 1 percent hike in the income tax.

    Speaker Madigan has suggested 1 percent may not be enough and could ask for more. There's even talk of a gas tax hike as well.

    Republican leaders are asking for spending cuts first.