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Quinn's Fine With Being Mr. Unpopular



    Governor Pat Quinn isn’t sulking over his poor poll numbers.  

    “I’d rather be the most honest governor,” Quinn said a day after he earned least popular governor in the US cred. “We’ve had the two previous governors to me in jail at the same time.”     

    Former governors Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan both currently serve time in Federal penitentiaries for corruption.

    Current governor Quinn enjoys a 25-percent approval rating among Illinois voters -- based on a Public Policy Polling survey of 500 Illinois voters betweeen November 26-28. 

    "My job is to do hard things and sometimes they’re not always immediately popular, but I think the people of our state want an honest governor,” Quinn said. 

    When asked might he not run for re-election based on the poll numbers Quinn replies
    “I won two hard elections in 2010, I’m sure the approval ratings then were what they are about now, when you do hard things, people, I think people at the ballot box recognize that.   I won those two elections;  I look forward to the future.”