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Quinn Slips On A Banana Peel



    Gov. Pat Quinn wants every schoolchild to eat a healthy breakfast. But he says the state can’t afford to pay for that breakfast.

    From the Associated Press:
    Gov. Pat Quinn goes bananas almost every day.
    The Chicago Democrat said Wednesday he often breakfasts by peeling the potassium-packed fruit.
    He spoke to reporters after announcing the winners of the Illinois School Breakfast Challenge. The competition challenges schools to increase participation in the school breakfast program. Winners attended an afternoon event at the Executive Mansion in Springfield.
    Quinn said he also added some scrambled eggs to break his fast Wednesday.

    The governor told the audience that good education goes with good nutrition.
    From mystateline.com:
    Governor Quinn said Wednesday that the first meal of the day keeps kids focused in the classroom. But the event comes after he's proposed some steep cuts to school nutrition. The governor's budget calls for $400 million in cuts to education. Out of education cuts comes $5 million from free school breakfast and lunch programs.
    Governor Quinn shifted the blame saying, “Obviously our pension challenges. Our foremost fiscal challenge in Illinois. It's squeezing out money in the classroom.”
    Quinn is so disorganized, he can’t keep track of which programs he favors and which programs he’s cutting. Here’s a tip to whomever runs against him for governor next year: hand out bananas at your campaign stop. Bananas are the cheapest political props available -- they’re selling for 79 cents a pound -- and, as Quinn points, they’re full of nutrients such as potassium.
    Hat Tip to Rich Miller at Capitol Fax for first pairing these stories into a ludicrous observation