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Quinn Picks Place to Pay Packers Bet



    Quinn Picks Place to Pay Packers Bet

    When the Chicago Bears were defeated by the Green Bay Packers, the city’s loss caused a personal loss for Gov. Pat Quinn. Quinn lost a bet with Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker.

    The debt has yet to be repaid, even though the NFC Championship occurred more than six months ago. As part of his payment to Walker, Quinn was supposed to volunteer at a food pantry and distribute food while wearing a Packers jersey.

    Though Quinn has flown the Packers flag outside of his office to fulfill another part of the bet, he has still not donned the green and gold jersey. Quinn chose to postpone volunteering during protests across the state that began when Walker proposed taking away collective bargaining rights of workers.

    On Tuesday, however, Quinn announced he would finally make good on his promise.

    “Next week, I’m going to have to go to Kenosha, Wis., to a food bank and wear a Packers jersey because I lost a bet,” Quinn said in a press conference to honor a victorious Chicago football player; former Chicago Bear, Richard Dent.

    “This is Richard Dent Day in the state of Illinois,” Quinn said Tuesday. He went on to praise Dent for his skills on the field as well as his community outreach programs.

    Dent, MVP of the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears, will be inducted into the Football Hall of Fame later this summer.