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Quinn Picks Paul Vallas for Gov Lite

Governor Pat Quinn has picked Paul Vallas as his running mate



    Friday’s news that Governor Pat Quinn picked Paul Vallas as his running mate sent reporters and pundits scurrying to provide analysis and angles, as reporters and pundits are wont to do. But to say Quinn’s pick of Vallas to help head the ticket was a target-rich environment for analysis might be a bit of an understatement.

    As the story unfolds, here are a few of the more interesting takes on Quinn/Vallas from the weekend:

    Over at the Chicago tribune, columnist Eric Zorn points out Vallas is “is the only candidate for lieutenant governor who's clearly ready to take over the top job if necessary”:

    Quinn's pick of feisty Vallas a pleasant surprise

    The Champaign-Urbana based News-Gazette is in love with the pick, saying “as far as policy goes, Quinn couldn't have made a better choice”:

    Vallas pick is first rate

    Writing in the Sun-Times, Carol Marin, points out that since he’s been recruited by state Republicans in the past, Vallas is likely to have some crossover appeal:

    Marin: Vallas is a gutsy choice by Quinn

    For his part, Whet Moser at Chicago Magazine questions why we even need an office that requires 31 people and $1 million to run:

    Paul Vallas Is With Quinn. But Why Do We Even Have a Lieutenant Governor?

    Finally, it’s clear at least one constituency is flat-out opposed to Quinn’s choice and is, in fact, feeling a bit betrayed—the Chicago Teachers Union:

    CTU President Karen Lewis on Paul Vallas selection for Lieutenant Governor

    What did you expect--that everyone was goign to be happy with the news?