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Quinn: "I Thought the World Was Enough for Him"



    "I thought the world was enough for him."

    That's Gov. Pat Quinn, speaking today at the Allegro Hotel on his tax returns, responding to reporter questions about Rahm Emanuel's announcement that he wants to be mayor.

    You do have to wonder what the governor's thinking. He rarely has a good word to say about Emanuel. The latest public mention was probably from this LA Times story that made the rounds (preemptively!) right before the health care vote:

    Years ago, when they played basketball with future Democratic Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, "Axelrod shot three-pointers," Quinn recalled. "Rahm called a lot of fouls."

    If Daley's office is open in 2011, Rahm could always be interested in the governor's mansion. But then Quinn would have to lose to Brady -- a scenario that's not looking all that unlikely at this point.

    And as a member of the machine, Quinn's likely considering all the other names in waiting: Paul Vallas? Mike Quigley? Jesse Jackson Jr.?

    Maybe Rahm's mayoral aspirations are a twist on that old Chicago saw: We don't want no one everybody sent.

    One more Quinn quote from the presser. A lovely one-liner: "I knew Rahm when he was an idealist."