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Quinn Campaign Releases 'Cupcake Girl' Video

The Illinois governor's new campaign spot features famous local tween Chloe Stirling



    Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has released footage of the history-making moment when he signed the "Cupcake Bill" into law at the home of "Cupcake Girl."

    The law marked a sweet victory for 12-year-old Chloe Stirling, aka "Cupcake Girl," whose home-baking business Hey Cupcake! was shuttered by the health department in January because she lacked a proper license and commercially certified kitchen. (Not cool, health department.)

    The entrepreneurial tweenager from Troy, Ill., became an international celebrity overnight -- complete with an appearance on "Rachael Ray" -- after she lobbied state lawmakers to permit home cooks to sell their goods sans government intervention.

    The bill liberates Chloe and other budding bakers to run kitchen businesses so long as they don't rake in more than $1,000 per month.

    "I'm happy that I'm gonna be baking again and I'm happy that a lot of other home cooks can bake and sell out of their homes without getting in trouble like I did!" she says in Quinn's campaign video of the media-hyped event.

    And now he looks like a hero, much to Republicans' dismay.