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Quinn Already Raising Funds on Pension Reform

Gov. asks for donations while emphasizing pension reform accomplishments



    Well, that didn't take long.

    The Southern Illinoisan newspaper is reporting Gov. Pat Quinn has sent a fundraising letter to supporters asking for donations to his 2014 re-election campaign. The letter emphasized his role on helping to pass a law designed to fix the state’s $100 billion unfunded pension crisis.

    Although the law will be challenged in court and could be tossed out as unconstitutional, analysts say Quinn’s re-election attempts benefited from passage of the changes because he had put so much focus on the issue for the past few years.

    The governor emphasized that sentiment in his email blast: “Since taking office, I have pushed for comprehensive pension reform to restore fiscal stability to our state. While there were no easy solutions to a fiscal crisis that was 70 years in the making, something had to be done in order to ensure retirement security for hard-working employees.”

    Quinn’s spokesperson denied the letter was a campaign solicitation. However, the missive included a prominently displayed green link on the email labeled “Contribute.”

    Perhaps Gov. Quinn needs the money. The Carbondale-based paper is also reporting his nominating petitions are being challenged:

    Democrat Tio Hardiman and his running mate, lieutenant governor candidate Brunell Donald, filed a challenge to Quinn’s nominating petitions Monday, claiming the incumbent chief executive doesn’t have enough valid signatures to get on the ballot.

    Not that Quinn really has anything to worry about from a hardly-known, poorly-funded candidate.

    Still, as any politician will tell you—every dollar helps in a campaign.