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Pro-Gay Marriage Robocalls Go Out To Black Voters



    Illinois Unites for Marriage, which is lobbying to pass the Religious Freedom and Marriage Equality in the state House, is sponsoring a pair of robocalls to the districts of 19 African-American representatives in the Chicago area and Metro East.

    The calls, which are narrated by former Chicago Bears linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo and civil rights leader Julian Bond, are intended to counter anti-gay marriage radio ads and robocalls from the African-American Clergy Coalition, a group of socially conservative black ministers. Here are transcripts of the calls. 

    Hello, this is Brendon Ayanbadejo, former Chicago Bear and three-time NFL Pro Bowl linebacker. I was born in Illinois. I’m calling to ask you to support marriage equality in my home state. As the son of a biracial couple, I know there was a time in our country’s history when my parents’ relationship was not accepted by society. In fact, it wasn’t even legal; but times have changed. We have adapted and broke down those barriers. It’s time to take those steps once again in Illinois. We need to let the world know that Illinois accepts all people regardless of who they love, to let the world know that Illinois treats all people equally under the law. Join me in standing up for what is right by supporting the freedom to marry. Contact your State Representative and urge him to vote yes on Senate Bill 10. 
    Hi, this is Julian Bond. I’m calling you about a bill pending in Springfield that will ensure fairness and equality for all Illinois couples and families. As chairman emeritus of the NAACP, I know something about fighting for what’s fair and just. Gay and lesbian couples have the same values as everyone else: love, commitment and stable families. They should have the same right to marry as the rest of us. Right now, the Illinois legislature is on the verge of extending civil marriage to gay and lesbian couples, while guaranteeing all churches can perform marriages within their faith and traditions. I urge you to join the majority of Illinoisans and stand up for fairness and family. Contact your local representative and tell them to support the freedom to marry for all. Tell them to vote yes on Senate Bill 10.