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Pricey Capitol Doors Also a Security Hazard

Downstate lawmaker wants security camera installed.



    A set of new copper-plated doors at the Illinois state Capitol previously criticized for their exorbitant cost are now under fire for security concerns as well.

    Part of an ongoing $50 million renovation of the historic building, the custom made doors carry a price tag of nearly three-quarters of a million dollars. Now, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting State Rep. Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro) has filed a resolution requesting security cameras be installed outside the doors to fix a security problems created by the new doors.

    The doors, which carry a price tag of $670,000, create obstructed views for guards who monitor visitors to the building. Bost says the fix of adding additional security cameras are needed because guards can’t see effectively through the frosted glass of the new doors.

    "From foot level up to hip level, you could hide something until you walk through the door. Then, you're 5 to 7 feet away from the first guard. That's dangerous," Bost told the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Earlier this year, the doors became something of a flashpoint in light of the state’s notorious fiscal problems, with many people questioning why the state was spending so much money when it struggled to balance its budget or pay its bills.

    In September, a spokesman said Gov. Pat Quinn was “concerned” about the cost of the doors, which replaced previous ones made of glass and metal.