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President Obama Wants Your Tax Savings



    President Obama isn’t just asking the wealthy for more money, in the form of a tax increase on the top 2 percent of American earners. He’s asking his supporters for money, too. 

    Obama said 2012 was “my last election.” (Although we wouldn’t be sorry if he came home to fulfill his original political goal -- serving as mayor of Chicago.) Nonetheless, he’s still raising campaign funds.
    Although Obama was required by law to shut down its operations after the election, he’s trying to keep Obama for America alive, to advocate for his policies.
    In a message entitled “What Does $2,000 Mean To You?” Obama wrote, “Right now, Congress could stop taxes from going up on middle-class families by as much as $2,200 a year. President Obama has asked them to do the right thing, but they need to hear from you. Watch this video about the President's tax plan, and then share your story today.”
    Supporters are asked to fill out a form asking, “What does $2,000 mean to you?” After answering, they are directed to a “Donate Today” form, with suggested amounts up to $1,000. The members of a middle-class family can show its gratitude to the president by sending him part of the $2,200 he’s saving them. Heck, they can even send him the whole amount.