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Preckwinkle, Berrios Urge Seniors to Double Check Tax Bills



    Preckwinkle, Berrios Go to Bat for Seniors

    Two Cook County officials warn seniors that they may have been left out of their tax exemption after a new Springfield rule. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011)

    Chicago seniors have been getting the short end of the stick by Springfield, lately.

    They had their free rides on buses cut. Budget cuts will limit their access to Human Services.

    And recently, legislators required that they reapply for their tax exclusion status.

    Cook County officials are trying to get ahead of that one.

    The Cook County Assessor and the Cook County President warned Chicago seniors, Tuesday, to double check their status.

    Second installment tax bills will be released by the assessor's office, and Joe Berrios urged seniors to double check the bill before paying the fee because the new bill might not include thier senior exemption. Springfield passed legislation that forced seniors to re-check their status and that may have led some seniors to skip the exemption.

    “It’s critical that all homeowners – particularly seniors – carefully review their tax bills to ensure their exemptions appear on their bills,” Assessor Berrios explained. “It is especially important for seniors to make sure they received their Senior Exemption as we are anticipating that many seniors did not reapply for their exemption this year as required by a new state law.”

    President Toni Preckwinkle commended Berrios for his work in alerting seniors, and all residents to the potential discrepancy in their bills.

    "I urge people to check their property tax installments as he's advised," Preckwinkle said.

    Berrios said his county office has spent nearly $250,000 mailing materials to seniors alerting them to the change.

    “Given the current economic climate, homeowners need all the help they can get,” Berrios said. “That is why we will continue to do everything possible to ensure that Cook County homeowners receive all the exemptions to which they are rightfully entitled.”