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Opinion: Poll Says 64 Percent Approve of Rahm



    A survey by the Chicago Retail Merchants Association claims Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a 64 percent approval ratings. But, like most CRMA polls, it’s a little too kind to the mayor.

    I know it’s getting harder and harder to conduct polls, because only fogeys have landlines anymore. But the poll’s cross-tabs show the CRMA didn’t reach a cross-section of Chicagoans. For example, only 8.39 percent of the poll’s respondents were Latinos. Citywide, 28.9 percent of Chicagoans are Latino.That ethnic group gave Emanuel his lowest approval rating -- 57 percent. Whites, who gave Emanuel a 70 percent rating were oversampled: 37.9 percent in the poll versus 31.7 percent in the city. Granted, the poll was of registered voters, but it’s hard to believe fewer than a third of Latinos are registered to vote. Even if that is true, the poll drastically undersurveyed young people: only 11 percent of the respondents were between 18 and 31, while 22 percent were between 55 and 64. And, 67 percent of the respondents were women, who gave the mayor a 66 percent approval rating.

    With that pound of salt, here are some of the other results.

    How do you think Mayor Rahm Emanuel handled the NATO summit?

        Great Job: 55.56 percent
        Good Job: 23.38 percent
        Fair Job: 12.15 percent
        Poor Job: 5.72 percent
        No Opinion: 3.29 percent

    How would you rate the job Mayor Rahm Emanuel is doing on improving the business climate in Chicago?

        Excellent: 28.13 percent
        Good: 29.23 percent
        Fair: 25.55 percent
        Poor: 11.29 percent
        No opinion: 5.8 percent

    Do you agree or disagree that teachers should wait for that independent report BEFORE going on strike?

        Agree: 71.55 percent
        Disagree: 21 percent
        No Opinion: 7.45 percent 

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