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Paul Steven Gregoire



    The Candidate: Paul Steven Gregoire

    The Race: Democratic nomination for the 34th Illinois Legislative District Representative

    The Competition:Elgie R. Sims, Jr., Richard A. Wooten, Kyle Kasperek, Sandra J. Wortham

    The Buzz: Gregoire, a former Cook County Sheriff and current Chicago Police Officer, is an upstart candidate who believes in public service. The issues most important to him are listed on his campaign site: I favor the right of the citizens to choose if they want to carry or not to carry a concealed weapon in the State of Illinois. I will not support any legislation that would diminish pension benefits to any current employee.As an active union member I support collective bargaining.I support the idea of having a land-based casino in Chicago, I will support limited gambling throughout the state. I would also support a casino in the south suburbs.I am in favor of decriminalization of marijuana particularly for medicinal purposes. I support civil unions.