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Patti Paid for Doing Nothing, Says Accountant



    The accountant from Tony Rezko's REZMAR construction company testified today about payments to Patti Blagojevich for which he said he believed she did no work.

    Robert Williams testified that Mrs. Blagojevich received one $40,000 payment, then she received a $79,303 commission for a property on Irving Park Road. 

    In August of 2003 he said Tony Rezko wanted a check made out to Patti for $15,000, and told him to find a project to link it to.  He said he found a project called St. John's Park which fit the bill for the payment.  A check was cut to the governor's wife for just under $15,000, as part of a 2.5 percent commission on that project, which was located at 850 N. Ogden Ave.

    In October of 2003, Williams said Rezko directed him to start making $12,000 monthly payments to Patti as part of a "consulting agreement".  He said 8 such payments were made, the last in May of 2004.

    During cross examination, attorney Sam Adam Jr., got Williams to agree that there COULD have been arrangements between Rezko and Patti which he was not aware of.  And it was suggested that the $40,000 was a prepayment on work the governor had done on his home using Rezko contractors, which he later paid back.