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What's Pat Quinn's Good Luck Charm?



    What's Pat Quinn's Good Luck Charm?

    He may never grace the pages of GQ, but Governor Pat Quinn knows how to make a fashion statement.
    In this tight election where not only words but actions count,  inquiring reporters can't help but notice -- heh, what's with that purple tie? Perhaps you've also noticed his favor for a certain purple-striped tie.
    "It is his lucky tie,"  says Quinn spokesman Mica Matsoff. He adds "he has a few of them ...  but for big events debate, election day" the purple one gets the call.
    Hate to be the spoiler, but -- Mastoff has a big surprise for Quinn on Election Day.

    "The campaign staff has ordered the tie for everyone on staff to wear on election night," he revealed.
    Not to be outdone, Sen. Brady's spokeswoman Patty Schuh said he has lucky charm to. 

    "It's his wedding ring.  He and his wife Nancy have been married 28 years," Schuh said.