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Quinn: I'm Holding Off on McPier to Avoid Metra-like Situation



    Quinn: "There's a Curse...May Your Life Be Filled With Lawyers"

    Arguing that he's trying to avoid future litigation, Gov. Quinn says he's doing the "due diligence necessary" to get the right law for McPier passed. (Published Monday, May 24, 2010)

    Governor Pat Quinn said today that he's holding off on signing new legislation on McCormick Place because he wants "proper oversight".

    "I'm doing the due diligence that's necessary to make sure we get the right law passed," Quinn said. "We had at Metra a serious problem of embezzlement I guess you'd call it," Quinn said, referring to Metra Chief Phil Pagano's questionable financial practices. "And we sure don't want that to happen at McCormick Place, or McPier, or anywhere else."

    The new bill would give a single person authority as trustee. Thus far, unions have objected to the bill because it would insert  former McPier CEO Jim Reilly.

    Observers say Quinn's balking because he doesn't want to relinguish the power to make the appointment. Quinn, however, promised to deal with the McCormick Place bill quickly.

    "I think it's important to have a law in this area that doesn't have a cloud of litigation over it for years to come," Quinn said. "There's an old curse -- May your life be filled with lawyers ... I'm trying to avoid that curse, and I think most people would like to avoid it as well."

    This post has been updated to correct and expand Quinn's quotes.