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Pat Brady Infuriates Social Conservatives



    David E. Smith, executive director of the Illinois Family Institute, is the state’s most strident opponent of same-sex marriage. So far, Smith is winning his fight to prevent gays and lesbians from enjoying the same marital rights as heterosexuals. But it’s not enough to win. Apostates in the fight must be punished. So here’s what Smith has to say about former Illinois Republican Party chairman Pat Brady accepting a contract from the ACLU to lobby for the Religious Freedom and Marital Fairness Act:

    To all those Republicans who claim the “big tent” will strengthen the party:
    Lookee, lookee what the cat is dragging in to the state capitol: Now that good ole boy Pat Brady, former Republican Party chair, has made all sorts of inroads into the Republican Party, he’s using his connections to help transgressives—I mean, “progressives”—destroy marriage. And he’s profiting from his unholy quest as well.
    I hope some intrepid, unbiased journalists will ask Brady for his opinion on the religious liberty of Christian business owners who refuse to participate in same-sex “wedding” celebrations or if polyamorists are being treated unequally when they are denied the right to marry the persons they love.
    This revelation of Brady’s exploitation of the influence gained from his leadership position should awaken Illinoisans to the danger of electing Bruce Rauner who supports legalized feticide in the first trimester and has publicly stated he will sign into law the same-sex “marriage” bill if, as governor, it should cross his desk. And it should generate concern about the possible selection of State Representative Jim Durkin to be the GOP caucus leader in Springfield. 
    While occupying seats of power, privilege, and influence, people like…Brady work behind the scenes promoting their feckless policies and forging alliances that will corrupt and deform the party that has in recent history been the only party that defended life, marriage, children, and religious liberty.
    Smith’s attack on Brady is only fair if one accepts that the Republican Party is the political arm of the social conservative movement. Obviously, not all Republicans accept that. Plenty of Republicans would like the party to stand for fiscal responsibility and economic liberty, and stay out of the citizenry’s sexual and reproductive affairs. The Republicans want to market themselves as the party of freedom, but it looks hypocritical to tell people they’re free to own a gun, or to not join a union, but they’re not free to have an abortion, or marry their gay lover. Bruce Rauner gets this. So does Treasurer Dan Rutherford, who believes the Republicans should be allowed to disagree on gay rights, gun rights and abortion.
    There’s going to be a huge war over this in next year’s Republican primary. State Sen. Kirk Dillard has positioned himself as the candidate of the party’s traditional, religious right wing. Last weekend, Dillard -- who promised to veto a same-sex marriage bill -- received the endorsement of 35 social conservative leaders who gathered at a hotel in Burr Ridge. Dillard beat out state Sen. Bill Brady, assuring the group that he opposes abortion except in cases of rape and incest. Rauner and Rutherford did not attend. 
    Smith was one of the leaders in attendance.
    "Senator Kirk Dillard recognizes the importance of Illinois' most valuable resource -- families -- and he understands that our state's well-being is closely tied to the strength of this resource. I am confident that, if elected as governor, Dillard will work to strengthen and uphold family, marriage, life and liberty," he said.