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Opinion: Strike Hurts Rahm's National Profile



    Ever since Rahm Emanuel stepped down as White House Chief of Staff and returned to Chicago to run for mayor, pundocrats have quietly speculated that he had aspirations of higher office. 

    Emanuel was, after all, on a path during his time in Congress to potentially become Speaker of the House. Emanuel has denied, denied, denied any idea that he would like to branch out and become, senator, governor or -- gasp! -- president. 

    To be sure, everyone who wants higher office says that. 

    But the Chicago Teachers Union strike may have sealed his municipal fate anyway. 

    As political strategist Don Rose sees it: "I don't know if the mayor will recover from the negatives."  

    Rose believes this strike has left Emanuel wounded if he were looking ahead to a national campaign for "if he had any hope of national office, vice president, president as many believe, that's no longer on the table, you cannot make any enemy of labor, and win national primary elections in the Democratic party."  

    NBC Chicago has an array of reporters and producers covering the Chicago teacher strike. Check our live blog for continuous coverage and updates throughout the strike.