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Oil Spill Worse Than Carp, Daley Says



    An animated Mayor Daley demands Michigan investigate how and why the Kalamazoo oil spill happened, and do all they can to stop it before it reaches Lake Michigan. (Published Thursday, July 29, 2010)

    In terms of dangers to Lake Michigan, the oil spill in the Kalamazoo River trumps Asian carp, Mayor Daley said today -- and he wants the Michigan attorney general to begin a criminal investigation into the matter immediately.

    The oil spill could potentially threaten Chicago's drinking water supply, Daley said at a news conference to announce the 2011 budget for the City Colleges of Chicago.

    "Michigan better do something," Daley said , becoming animated and agitated about the issue. "Oil is worse than carp. What about the drinking water? Go down to the gulf!"

    Michigan officials have been quick to pursue legal action against Illinois concerning carp, Daley said, so they should be eager to litigate against the oil spill as well -- right?

    The Environmental Protection Agency now believes more than a million gallons of oil may have leaked from a pipeline run by Canada-based Enbridge, Inc. into Talmadge Creek, which runs into the Kalamazoo River that feeds Lake Michigan.  The pipeline carries petroleum from Canada to Griffith, Indiana.

    The spill is currently 80 miles from Lake Michigan and moving toward the lake.