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Occupy Bingo



    Occupy is as much a lifestyle as a political movement. Like any subculture, it has its own fashions, its own music, and its own slang. The next time you’re at a protest, try playing Occupy Bingo. Take  along this list and see how many of these you can spot. (Your Ward Room Blogger saw all of them at Sunday’s anti-NATO march.)

        -- Bandanna worn around the neck, in case of tear gas attack.

        -- Corporate American Flag, with logos of multi-national corporations in place of stars.

        -- Anarchy tattoo

        -- Chuck Taylor All-Star gym shoes

        -- Sign or t-shirt displaying a fist

        -- “99%” on a button, sticker, sign or t-shirt

        -- Woman with unshaven legs

        -- Man wearing a beard, but no moustache

        -- Rainbow flag

        -- Guy Fawkes mask

        -- Canvasser collecting signatures for a Green Party candidate

        -- Red flag

        -- Hare Krishna in saffron robe

        -- Dreadlocks

        -- Blond dreadlocks

        -- Free vegan food

        -- A man holding a fishing pole with a donut at the end of the line, to bait cops

        -- One-speed bicycle

        -- Tie-dyed t-shirt

        --  Drum

        -- Palestinian scarf, also known as a keffiyeh

        -- Poster with quote from Martin Luther King Jr.

        -- Joint

         -- Lawyer’s telephone number written on arm

        -- Shirt with photo of Che Guevara gazing off in the distance

    Occupy Bingo. It's a good way to pass the time while listening to speaker after speaker talk about "peace," "justice," "imperialism" and the "the people." (You get points for overhearing those words as well.)

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