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Obama Forgot to Clean His Chicago Home Before Leaving For Washington

The president. He's just like us! Messy. Not paying bills on time.



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    President Barack Obama

    President Barack Obama says his home on Chicago's South Side is a 2008-era time warp of sorts, with old newspapers and unpaid bills left behind in the First Family's move to DC six years ago.

    "We always thought we'd be back every month and we'd kind of get everything in order and filed, and it hasn't happened," he told The Associated Press Monday night, at a fundraiser for Illinois Democrats. "But it's useful, actually, to take a look at some of these old articles to remind ourselves of where we were when we took office and to think about the progress we've made."

    According to the AP, the president—who's reportedly looking to make his home base New York City, not Chicago, when he leaves the White House—took some time in between midterm-campaign obligations to revisit the Hyde Park mansion he and Michelle Obama bought in 2005.

    On Sunday night, he headlined a rally for Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn at Chicago State University, attracting more than 6,000 supporters and imploring them to vote early. Obama himself cast a ballot the next morning, when he jokingly teased a guy who said, "Mr. President, don't touch my girlfriend."

    (For the record, he would not reveal whether he checked off the box for Quinn or GOP gubernatorial nominee Bruce Rauner; let's all take a wild guess and assume the former. Election Day is Nov. 4, but early voting has commenced here and Obama—still revered in his adopted hometown—is eagerly recruited by local politicians to help their campaigns.

    Non-Illinoisians running for office and/or hoping to hold onto their Washington posts—especially in the Senate—have distanced themselves from the president, who's less popular late in his second term.)