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Obama Supporters More Likely To Buy Merch: Report



    President Barack Obama supporters are four times more likely to buy campaign merch than supporters of Mitt Romney, according to a new report.

    From T-shirts to bumper stickers, analysis of campaign-finance reports by USA Today found the president's campaign ordered $6.7 million worth of merchandise to sell compared to Romney's $1.6 million.

    The paper points out that neither camp would go on the record about their sales, but in a sworn statement in a lawsuit against Demstore.com, the Obama campaign's director of marketing and merchandise said the sales play a large role in strategy.

    The statement noted Obama's campaign raised $37 million from merchandise sales in 2008, according to USA Today. That rate of sales could account for the 2012 campaign's small-dollar donors making up 48 percent of fundraising.

    Yep, that's a lot of pens.