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NYC Mayor Goes After Halvorson on Guns



    If you need more proof that the 2nd Congressional District special election has national implications in the gun control debate, watch the ad below.

    Produced by the Independence USA political action committee, which is controlled by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, it attacks former Rep. Debbie Halvorson for her endorsements by the National Rifle Association in previous campaigns.

    Bloomberg is one of the nation’s most outspoken anti-gun politicians. He founded the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns to lobby for more gun control. Here’s the script of the ad, which will air on cable TV in the Chicago market:
    In the race to replace Jesse Jackson, watch out for Debbie Halvorson. When she was in Congress before, Halvorson got an A from the NRA. The NRA: against comprehensive background checks, against banning deadly assault weapons, against banning high capacity ammunition clips. Halvorson even co-sponsored a bill that would allow some criminals to carry loaded, hidden guns across state lines. Debbie Halvorson: when it comes to preventing gun violence, she gets an F.
    That’s not entirely fair, because it tries to connect Halvorson to all of the NRA’s positions. In fact, she has only spoken out against the assault weapons ban, not against background checks. But all’s fair in politics, so expect Bloomberg -- and Halvorson’s opponent -- to continue hanging the NRA around her neck.