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Motorola Seeks Chicago Office for 400 Jobs



    Emanuel: Job Growth Builds Momentum

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel lauds Motorola's decision to add 400 new local jobs. (Published Tuesday, June 14, 2011)

    Motorola Solutions Inc. is looking for office space in Chicago.

    In June, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the addition of 400 Motorola jobs in the city over the next year or so. Now, the Schaumburg-based company specializing in emergency radio equipment is looking to accommodate those jobs in new digs, according to Crain's Chicago.

    CEO Greg Brown wouldn't say where the company was looking for new offices or how big of space he wants, but he confirmed the jobs will be in place by the end of 2012.

    "You can start a business here and grow it," Emanuel said in June. "Everything we do, being smarter about our school system" he said, "[is about] being competitive."

    Brown told Crain's the company was looking to hire more employees anyway when Emanuel approached him earlier this year. Brown said he believes a healthy Chicago economy makes a better environment for businesses.

    "And I do believe in Rahm," he said.

    Emanuel said the new positions send an important message to entrepreneurs and large companies. "I don't like losing," Emanuel said.

    The jobs will be offered in customer service, support and systems integration.