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Mike Jacobs

Democratic Candidate for the 36th Legislative District



    The Candidate: Mike Jacobs

    The Race: Democratic Candidate for the 36th Legislative District

    The Competition: Bill Albracht

    The Buzz: Mike Jacobs, who has served as senator since 2005, lists defending 2nd Amendment rights, enterprise zones, and children among his priorities in his annual newsletter.

    Jacobs opposed legislation that would have required registration and a fee for handgun ownership in Illinois. He also supports legislation allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons.

    He supports the continuation of help for enterprise zones, areas deemed to be in need of economic development. He voted for a bill extending help for those zones.

    Jacobs currently serves as the Chairman of the Senate Energy Commitee. He was recently accused of punching Republican Senator Kyle McCarter during a debate over electric utility rate hike legislation.

    Jacobs previously managed drivers license facilities in 14 northwest Illinois counties and also owned a small business that specialized in campaign and election research, according to his Facebook page. He lives in East Moline with his son.