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Media Push to Unseal Blagojevich Filing



    Because who doesn't like reading about Blagojevich -- managing projects! Clashing with Osbournes! Texting his daughter! -- several newspapers have filed a motion to unseal the prosection's TOP SECRET plan to convict the shamed ex-Gov.

    That document, known as the "Santiago proffer" -- sadly, not an esoteric plot device from A Few Good Men -- provides a road map of the evidence prosecutors expect to present.  It typically explains the roles various co-conspriators may have played, and what the defendant allegedly said to them in enlisting their help in the conspiracy.

    So y'know, the dirt. And the tapes!

    You could even argue that revealing the proffer would undo some of the good publicity Blago's received lately. Seriously. He was an unorganized buffoon on Apprentice, but man! He was likeable!
    The media who want the proffer revealed -- the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times and Associated Press -- say the proffer should be revealed for the public good.
    Say their lawyers: "No one could question the public's interest in receiving information about a case alleging public corruption at the highest levels of state government, including the alleged 'sale' of a United States Senate seat by a sitting governor."

    The funny: Blago's lawyers plan to object, but only because they say the prosecution takes Blago's quotes out of context. Play all the tapes they say.

    And maybe they'll make that happen. After all: the tapes are out there, right?