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Mark Kirk Unsure Who's In Charge in Libya



    The junior senator from Illinois puts the conflict in perspective. (Published Thursday, March 24, 2011)

    Mark Kirk earned plenty of scorn during his campaign for Senate by embellishing his military credentials.

    The consensus opinion was that he didn't need to exaggerate because he does, in fact, possess military knowledge.

    That knowledge was on display Monday when Kirk addressed the conflict in Libya during a speech on the economy at the Chicago Civic Club.

    Kirk led the audience through a play-by-play of the conflict thus far, and then posited a few serious questions.

    "The critical question that I have," Kirk said. "Who is in command of this operation. I honestly don't know. Admiral Mullen on Sunday didn't give a clear answers. ... We need to lay that out very clearly."

    The junior senator suggested their allied forces make clear who's the leader. He also asked that they establish a goal for victory, such as elimintating Colonel Gadahfi's armor and tanks.

    Kirk would also like to see President Obama ask Congress's endorsement for using force in the region, but in regards to the no-fly zone, Kirk said "I support this limited, international action."

    "I also agree with President Obama; no US ground forces should be used in this operation and it must remain limited in scope and duration," Kirk said.

    Obama is currently away in Brazil.