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Mark Kirk Won't Support Hagel for Defense



    Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill) said Friday that he would not support the nomintation of former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. 

    “I appreciate and respect Sen. Hagel's record of service to our country, especially as a decorated combat veteran," Kirk said in a statement. "However, based on Sen. Hagel’s testimony yesterday, on top of my existing concerns regarding his past statements and votes, I cannot support Sen. Hagel’s nomination."

    Hagel's testimony was widely panned as muddled and strange. He whiffed on the president's messaging on Iran and stumbled through other talking points

    Many GOP lawmakers, including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said they would not support his nomination. 

    Friday White House Spokesman Jay Carney said he believed the Senate would confrim the nomination, however. 

    Kirk returned to the Senate this year after spending a year rehabilitating from a stroke.