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Mark Kirk Parties on Fellow Senator's Yacht



    Take a good look at Sen. Mark Kirk, ’cause he standing on a boat.

    Kirk revealed to Roll Call magazine that one of his favorite D.C. hangouts is a yacht owned by his bipartisan pall, Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va. In fact, reports Roll Call
    Speaking to reporters about his work on firearm background checks and other gun-related legislation, the Illinois Republican told a gaggle of reporters that credit for bipartisan efforts in the Senate are in part thanks to visits to the Black Tie, a vessel that is partially owned by Sen. Joe Manchin III, D-W.Va.
    “You guys really ought to go out to National Harbor and see the Black Tie, which has been much of the reason for much of the bipartisan cooperation around here,” Kirk said.
    Kirk said Sens. Kay Hagan, a North Carolina Democrat and Lisa Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, are frequent visitors. Asked about the menu at the gatherings, Kirk didn’t say much, though he indicated some booze might be consumed.
    “Sometimes alcoholic beverages might be served and ties might … get loosened,” Kirk said.
    Kirk is the Senate’s most liberal Republican, and Manchin is one of its most conservative Democrats -- while Kirk has endorsed gay marriage, Manchin is one of three Democrats who still oppose it. Kirk is also the only Republican to favor the assault weapons ban President Obama is trying to get through Congress. Kirk was one of 16 Republicans who voted against filibustering the president’s gun control package.
    Kirk also supports a bipartisan deal to expand background checks, worked out by Manchin and Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa. Their plan would require background checks for gun show and Internet sales, but exempt sales between friends and acquaintances.
    Washington is a more harmonious place, because Mark Kirk has been partying on a yacht. Next time, invite T-Pain and Andy Samberg. It'll be even more fun.