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Madigan Seeks Extension on Concealed Carry Appeal

The deadline would be extended until June 24



    Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is asking the U.S Supreme Court for an extended deadline to appeal the court’s decision to enforce a law allowing public possession of firearms in Illinois.

    Madigan filed a petition Monday to extend the deadline 30 days, from May 23 to June 24.

    The 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in December that Illinois' concealed carry ban is unconstitutional. It gave lawmakers until June 9 to fix the problem.

    A federal appeals court rejected Illinois' request to reconsider the ruling in February. Bauer says an extension would allow Madigan more time to carefully review a possible appeal drafted by her lawyers.

    Lawmakers Outline Urgency of New State Gun Laws

    [CHI] Lawmakers Outline Urgency of New State Gun Laws
    State Rep. Brandon Phelps says lawmakers need to act fast on gun legislation or else licensed gun holders will be able to carry a gun wherever they want. Phelps and State Sen. Kwame Raoul are working together on drafting new legislation. A three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Illinois' ban last year and gave lawmakers until early June to legalize the concealed carry of firearms.
    (Published Tuesday, March 26, 2013)

    Lawmakers are currently arguing over what a concealed carry law would look like. 

    Rep. Brandon Phelps’s "shall issue" proposal, which would allow anyone who meets the training and background check requirements to carry, failed 64-45 in the Illinois House April 19. The measure needed a supermajority of 71 votes because the legislation would trump the right of the state's larger cities to set up their own laws.

    Daley: Concealed Carry is Wrong for Illinois

    [CHI] Daley: Concealed Carry is Wrong for Illinois
    Chicago Mayor Richard Daley expresses his opposition to a concealed carry bill currently making its way through the Illinois House.
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    Rep. Kelly Cassidy’s "may issue" concealed-carry law would empower local and state police to decide to withhold a concealed-carry permit regardless of whether an applicant met the requirements. Cassidy's measure received only 31 votes before the U.S Supreme Court.

    However, if the Legislature misses the deadline, "constitutional carry,” which allows the possession of any weapon without a permit, would take effect.

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