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Madigan Opponent Alleges Stalking



    Michele Piszczor, House Speaker Michael Madigan’s opponent in next Tuesday’s Democratic primary, says she’s being stalked by a Madigoon. She wants the police, the press, and the Better Government Association to do something about it.

    On Tuesday, a Madigan campaign worker was spotted plucking Piszczor signs out of lawns on 64th Place. A neighbor called police, but the man was not charged, so he wasn’t named in this Tribune editorial.

    Piszczor says she knows who he is -- a $110,000-a-year Financial Control Officer who works for Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown -- and says he’s been stalking her throughout this campaign.

    On Tuesday, Piszczor filed a police report against the man at 8th District headquarters, claiming she was a victim of non-criminal stalking. She says a desk sergeant told her it was not illegal for the man to follow her on public streets, and said, “Michele, what did you expect going against a man like Michael Madigan? He has all the power and money to pay people like this guy to follow you around.”

    Piszczor also sent this e-mail to Patrick Rehkamp, chief investigator at the Better Government Association, regarding her alleged stalker:

    “I really hope I can turn to you not only for answers on this issue, but solutions too!  I have more information aside from this on (name redacted). I feel my safety have been threatened and the police of the 8th district are not offering me protection instead they act as Michael Madigan’s attorney.  (Name redacted) has followed me throughout the district and in fact I may have this on video footage from a news anchor with me too. He has even approached me.
    But, according to the police this is not “stalking” or intimidation despite the enclosed details of how I know this man is on Madigan’s payroll.  I really hope you can give me incite as to why on both occasions a police report does not exist on this man and nothing appears with respect to him stealing my signs.
    The concerned citizens in the 22nd District (IL) went to the police station yet again today and according to one of your Sergeants, they were told a “Disorderly Conduct” charge were filed against Moody and a court date was set for May. When they asked for a copy, they said “they could not give it to them.” Working at a law firm myself and having gone to law school that is a bunch of baloney and you know it. I hope to hear back from you. If I do not hear back from you, I am left with no other recourse but to go viral to the Media on how the police, even in my own district are covering for Madigan and his people, and the fact that I had also reached out to you as my last resort. 
    I will also be making other calls tomorrow to other departments in the state. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. No matter how much Madigan and his people think they are above the law, when this gets out and the cover-up is shown, this will be VERY hard to cover up. I really hope I can count on you to do your job and your values and morals really play a part in doing the proper thing here. The owner of this vehicle is (name redacted) and works with Dorothy Brown as an employee. (Name redacted) makes $110,000.00/yr as a Financial Control Officer in her office.  

    Evidence he is on Madigan’s campaign payroll, not to mention the contents of his vehicle are also evidence of who he works for.  But according to the police, can follow me around?  That is called intimidation.  I have also enclosed a picture of him while I was canvassing at a stop sign coming over to the block I was on just like he always does.  There is much, much more evidence from where this came from.  Like I said I hope you can do your job.

    Piszczor’s press release also included a list of thousands of dollars in reimbursements for “Election/Overhead Expenses” paid to her alleged stalker by Michael Madigan, County Democratic Party Chairman Joe Berrios, and state Rep. Edward Acevedo.

    Piszczor is doing a good job of portraying herself as a feisty young single woman taking on the Democratic Machine, but she needs to ask herself whether voters really want to put a victim in office. Politicians steal yard signs and intimidate opponents because it works. If you’re willing to do anything to win an election, you usually end up winning.