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Last Ballot Challenge Dropped, Cohen Eyes Win



    Independent gubernatorial candidate says he believes "in his heart" that he'll win the election in November. (Published Wednesday, July 14, 2010)

    It looks like Scott Lee Cohen will see his name on the ballot as an Independent for Governor after all. Cohen learned today that a challenge against his candidacy has been dropped. 

    Cohen says "I was confident" and "I believe in my heart that I will win the election."  Not so fast.  He's not even polling in the double digits yet.  

    But, there clearly is a sense that voters aren't exactly thrilled with their choices.  The latest surveys give GOP candidate Bill Brady a slight lead with 43 percent of the vote, and Democratic Governor Pat Quinn with 40 percent. 

    There's also Green Party Candidate Rich Whitney, who received 10 percent of the vote in 2006, but isn't in that column just yet this time around.

    Clearly Cohen has Quinn irked as the latter reacted today: "What concerns me is character, character counts." 

    Cohen responds, "if character is going to count" when it comes to handing out 43 pay raises in the midst of the worst budget crisis ever, then Quinn's "got some explaining to do."
    Meanwhile GOP candidate Bill Brady refers to Cohen as a "a bad penny for the Democrats."  Brady is of course referring to Cohen's first win in February as the LtGovernor nominee and then dropping out after it was revealed he had been arrested for putting a knife to his former girlfriend's throat who was a prostitute.  

    Still, as an Independent candidate for Governor most  expect Cohen will take votes away from the incumbent Quinn, but in this election cycle it's tough to predict.