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LaHood Confirms: Rahm's a Foul Mouth Crank



    Former US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood no longer works for the Obama administration.

    Perhaps that’s why he’s more candid about his time there, especially his dealings with a notorioulsy cranky and foul-mouthed power player. .   

    LaHood tells that he told the former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel “go to hell” about once a week.   

    "When he told me to ... , I would tell him to go to hell" LaHood said during a panel event around the launch of Politico magazine

    You'll have to use your imagination as to what choice words Emanuel used to get the conversation started. LaHood won't share. 

    "In polite compnay, we don’t say what Rahm actually said.”

    Hearing that Emanuel uses colorful language and has tendencies of a bully is no surprise to Chicagoans who have gotten to know him as their mayor. Just ask the Chicago Teachers Union