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Kirk Pushes Corruption Fighting Judge



    The junior senator says he worked out a deal with Sen. Dick Durbin to put forth John Tharp. (Published Tuesday, July 5, 2011)

    Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin have this whole bipartisan thing licked.

    Kirk often sounds like a conservative Democrat -- especially when he's touting progress on things like Don't Ask Don't Tell.

    Durbin often sounds like a liberal Republican -- especially when he's opposing the war in Libya because of the war powers act.

    Now the bi-partisan senators from Illinois are teaming up on their judicial nominations.

    Tuesday Kirk recommended John Tharp to fill the next federal judgship for Illinois' Northern District, and to hear him, you'd think Durbin were recommending the former prosecutor, too.

    "This is my first name coming forward for consideration by the justice department to put forward to the senate for its advice and consent," Kirk said about the corruption fighting, former marine. "This process has arranged by myself and senator Durbin to help move our district court nominees forward in the most bipartisan way possible and to make sure we have a balanced bench."

    Somehow this bipartisan love-fest will have to come to an end (where you at presidential election?) but while it lasts, Illinois may have one of the more collaborative Senate tandems out there.