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Judge Zagel Shows Support for Blago Testimony



    Judge James Zagel wants to hear from Rod Blagojevich.

    For weeks, the federal judge overseeing Blagojevich’s second corruption trial has sternly warned the former governor’s lawyers that if they wanted to introduce their theory of the case, they needed to do it with their client on the stand.

    Today, the Blagojevich defense took the judge up on that offer. And Zagel was all ears.

    Rod Blagojevich wasn't exactly brief with his responses on the stand. In fact, he took up much of the morning's testimony summing up his early life story, citing basketball aspirations, inspirational teachers and his love of Elvis.

    After the lunch break, though, the government had had enough. 

    Prosecutors objected to Blagojevich's long-winded responses and asked for more focus in an effort to move things along.

    But Judge Zagel said Blagojevich's answers were fine.

    "This is the chance for him to tell his story," he said.

    And so he shall.

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