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John M. Shimkus

Republican Party Candidate for the 15th Congressional District



    The Candidate: John M. Shimkus

    The Race: Democratic Party Candidate for the 15th Congressional District

    The Competition: Angela Anne Michael

    The Buzz: Shimkus was first elected to the U.S. House in 1996. His focus in Congress has been primarily on energy issues and seeks to lift the ban on offshore drilling allowing for more expansive oil exploration.

    Shimkus is strongly against global warming, citing the Bible and God's promise to Noah that the earth would not be destroyed by a second flood.

    Shimkus and his Republican colleagues unsuccessfully attempted to block implementation of the 2010 healthcare reform bill on the claim that it was unconstitutional and unaffordable. The attempt was denied by Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

    In 2006, Shimkus was involved in a scandal regarding a congressional page program he oversaw on Capitol Hill. Rep. Mark Foley allegedly sent sexually suggestive e-mails to young males involved in the program. Shimkus reportedly told another board member of the program that he intentionally withheld information about the explicit messages for fear that they would be "blown out of proportion."

    Shimkus is strongly against abortion and seeks to limit minors' access to inappropriate material on the Internet.