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Opinion: Joe Walsh Youth in Training



    Joe Walsh probably won’t be in Congress next year. Maybe that’s why he’s training the next generation of young libertarians. At a recent Tea Party meeting, Walsh introduced two north suburban teens who’ve formed a group called SOS Liberty, which is dedicated to fighting liberal bias in our high schools.

    Actually, Walsh didn’t introduce them. The event organizer did. Then Walsh grabbed the microphone before the pair could start speaking, because he’s Joe Walsh and he always has to say something about everything, as loudly as possible.

    “I’m gonna pull my congressional card here real quickly,” Walsh shouted. “I LOVE these two. Listen to me, listen to me. Every time I get on an airplane, every Monday and fly to Washington, I’ve got a big old frown on my face, because I just dread what’s going on in Washington. Generally, they don’t get it. When I come home, and I listen to two guys like this, two young men like this, my smile is from that side of the room to this. Talk about these two. Listen to these two. This generation is what we’re fightin’ for. They get it.”

    Then Charlie Kirk, a football and basketball star at Wheeling High School, took over and started channeling Sean Hannity.

    “Our message of less government, fiscal responsibility and free markets is starting to catch fire,” Kirk said. “We can influence the youth to understand the issues and make it OK to be conservative. High schools all over Illinois are starting to get our message. Some of my best friends are liberals, like declared European socialists. I can talk to them, find some common ground, talk about fiscal responsibility. A lot of people who are gravitating towards our group are not necessarily conservative people. They’re liberals that voted for Obama and said, ‘You know what? I’m tired of trillion-dollar deficits. I’m going to step up. I’m going to say I was wrong, and join your cause.’

    “By the time I’m ready for retirement, almost half of the federal budget will be on interest. We owe $600 billion to China. China can manipulate our actions if they decided to. They can control us with our debt, and that’s a threat to our freedom and liberty every single day. We cannot sleep. We cannot let tyranny get farther in our life. We cannot let government keep on growing, so we have to fight back. We have to elect fiscal conservatives.”

    Look for Mr. Kirk to challenge Tammy Duckworth in 2020, as soon as he’s eligible to run for Congress.