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Joe Walsh Gets An RV



    Mitt Romney flies around the country on chartered jet, nicknamed Hair Force One.

    Sarah Palin did the book tour for Going Rogue in a tour bus with her picture on the side, as though she were a country music star.

    Fred Thompson campaigned for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee in a red pickup truck, which made the Washington lawyer and Hollywood actor look like a good ol’ boy.

    A vehicle can be an important part of a politician’s, and a campaign’s, image. Rep. Joe Walsh, Tea Party-Ill., is now traveling the length and breadth of the 8th District in a used Fleetwood Pace Arrow recreational vehicle, which he purchased for $7,500 in Madison, Wisc.

    In 2010, Walsh traveled in a horse trailer, on which he invited supporters to sign their names. Walsh will also be collecting signatures on his RV.
    Walsh debuted his new whip at a Tea Party rally in Huntley on Saturday. His campaign also filmed this video, showing all four sides of the vehicle.

    The hood reads “Joe Walsh, U.S. Congress. It’s Time. Are You Ready?” On the back, in smaller type, Walsh lists tenets of his libertarian philosophy, including “the Values that made America great”: Individual Responsibility, Community, Limited Government and Free Markets.

    So what does this new vehicle say about Walsh? That he’s the opinionated, superpatriotic retiree you don’t want to hook up next to in the RV camp, because he’ll be wandering over to share his views on socialism, communism, Islamofascism and every other -ism the right wing enjoys ranting about.

    Walsh should just paint a giant eagle, an American flag and a portrait of Ronald Reagan in a cowboy hat on the side of his RV, to complete the impression.

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