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Jesse Jackson Jr. Arrives at Dirksen



    Jesse Jackson Jr. Arrives at Dirksen

    Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. arrived at the Federal Building before 8 a.m. Wednesday and gave spectators a small wave outside the courtroom on the 25th floor.

    Jackson Jr., who was the subject of much speculation surrounding Barack Obama's senate seat, could be witness No. 2 after Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Rod Blagojevich's second corruption trial.

    Just how the mayor helps the Blagojevich defense isn't clear. While still a congressman, he was the point person for president-elect Barack Obama, in discussions with Blagojevich over who would be appointed as Obama's successor in the Senate.

    Congressman Jackson, on the other hand, actually met with Blagojevich to present his credentials during the vetting process.

    He made no secret of the fact that he wanted the job. On undercover tapes, Blagojevich is heard calling the idea of appointing Jackson a "repugnant" thought. Later however, he seemed to warm to the idea, after Jackson intermediaries allegedly offered over a million dollars in fundraising.

    Neither Jackson nor Emanuel has been accused of wrongdoing.