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Jesse Jackson Jr

Democratic Candidate for the 2nd Congressional District Primary



    The Candidate: Jesse Jackson Jr.

    The Race: Democratic primary to defend his own seat in the 2nd Congressional District Race.

    The Competition: Brian Woodworth

    The Buzz: Jackson Jr. has served as the representative for the 2nd District since 2005. He is the son the Rev. Jesse Jackson and married to Ald. Sandi Jackson (7th). Jackson Jr. continues to be plagued by rumors and investigations looking into whether he offered to buy Obama's Senate seat from Blagojevich, despite denouncing the allegations off and on the record. He has also been taking heat for an affair he had with a waitress from Washington, D.C. along with allegations he violated House ethics rules by asking a fundraiser to finance a plane ticket to sneak her into Chicago. Jackson is no stranger to squaring off with Halvorson and went head-to-head with her over his plans for a third airport near Peotone. Most recently, Jesse Jackson Jr took a medical leave of absence and has been seeking treatment for bipolar disorder.