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Jeb Bush Loves Illinois



    Sen. Bill Brady says he has no concern about aligning himself with a guy named Bush in his campaign for Illinois governor. (Published Thursday, June 17, 2010)

    Former Florida governor Jeb Bush came to Chicago Thursday to stump for Illinois GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady.

    Bush pushed Brady's line of attack against opponent Pat Quinn, that Illinois can't spend its way out of a $13 billion budget deficit.

    "You can't take and spend one's way to prosperity," said Bush, whose brother and father both served as presidents.

    The Chicago event was the second stop for Bush in Illinois. Wednesday Bush headlined a private fundraiser for Brady in Bloomington, Illinois.

    While in Chicago, Bush was asked about a potential connection to the Blagojevich corruption trial. He was rumored to have received a call from then-governor Rod Blagojevich to help arrange a presidential pardon for indicted fundraiser Chris Kelly.

    Bush denied the claim.

    "It would be humorous if it wasn't so tragic," Bush said.  "Only in Chicago."